CB LGV series

In 2011 the CB 12 and CB 10 LGVs have been joined by the CB 08, the smallest of the Elettric 80 series, counterbalanced vehicle for single pallet or 2 half-pallets, for handling order picking or as an entry level LGV for simple tasks and for working in limited spaces. It responds to the demands both for supplying a small scale vehicle capable or working in facilities where large mixed fleets are operational, as well as offering the “first LGV” to companies that do not have great production flows and heavy weights to be transported but that want to rationalise the transportation of products and increase safety.

Entirely electric, it has a mobile display for picking operations on either side; the CB 08 can work both with European as well as American pallets, and is fitted with the NAV 350 system and the latest safety systems.