G.B. Gnudi Bruno

Cartoners and track&trace Visitors in great numbers from all over the globe thronged the CAM stand, in particular from the BRIC countries; not numerous, however, but qualified, the presence of Italian customers.

At the center of attention not only the new PVX continuous introduction intermittent cartoning machine (over 200 cycles/1'), but the concern’s entire output, revised and updated, of CAM liquid and powder filling/capping machines.


The edge seal strip packaging machine by Siebler Göring (CAM’s latest buy-up in the packaging field) aroused great interest. Of note too the AV intermittent cartoning machine, that to celebrate its 40 years of production, was shown in a colorful '70s version, and as such sold at the fair to an enthusiastic Chilean customer.
Also on show the track&trace mod. AZ400, designed to meet all carton serialization and traceability requirements, thanks to its modular design and small size it can be inserted easily into existing lines. It’s features: "positive" transport of the carton (speed up to 450 cartons/1'); cantilevered construction, carton flap closure control; ink-jet or laser printing of 1-D and 2-D codes on the carton body or flaps (right or left); application of labels and/or tamper evident seals on body; OCR/OCV camera control of each code and/or label applied; control and expulsion station (up to 3 different rejects).