HOT MACHINES, Chivasso (TO, Italy) -
Hot Machines Ltd has over twenty five years experience in the field of the applicators for hot-hot-melt adhesives. Over the past two decades the company has developed the technology of electrically heated tubes, with excellent results of reliability and functioning.

The range includes two types of tubes. The first type, at low temperature (up to 80 °C), is mainly used in the automotive, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries for the transfer of sealants, adhesives, gas, ink, etc. The second type consists of high-temperature tubes (up to 230 ° C), used in the packaging and assembly sectors for the transfer of hot-melt adhesives and resins. Hot Machines tubes are perfectly suited to any dispensing unit present on the market.
The considerable experience gained allows them to satisfy every need - length and diameter of the tube, hydraulic fittings, electrical connectors - adding customised solutions, always ensuring the highest levels of affordability, reliability, speed of delivery and assistance and optimum before-and-after-sales user relations. This has ensured Hot Machines a steady growth, with maximum customer satisfaction.