Heatshrinking saving energy

The VEGA HT series of heat bundling machines have been conceived by Ocme with a new range of shrink ovens which save nearly 30% of energy used compared to previous models.

In contrast to normal bundling machines where the shrink oven is set to operate in the toughest operating conditions, those with the energy-saving kits may instead be set to work on line operating conditions. Being able to monitor in real time the load conditions upstream of heat bundling machine, aspects like the speed of the oven belt, the cooling fans and the resistance absorption current can be modulated, ensuring a better forming and shrinking of the pack.
This is not all. The oven infeed and outfeed are equipped with motorized curtains, which are closed when the heat bundler does not receive products from the line, thus minimizing heat loss; the curtains can also be closed during the firing of the oven, at the beginning of production, and in the machine stop phases (workshift changes).
The energy saving kit can be applied as an optional on new ovens (subject to a technical feasibility report) as well as retrofitted on existing ovens.