Green gluing

For more than 30 years, Robatech’s image on the market has been accompanied by a “green” logo. It is therefore no accident that the new Concept Greenline series of hotmelt melters shows how the multinational cares about the environment. Combining the new melters with 6 mm diameter tubes and completely insulated Diamond guns, the concern manages to save 17% in energy.

In order to attain this Robatech (Italian headquarters at Cesena, FC) carried out painstaking workshop analyses to locate the areas of greater thermal dispersion, to thus be able to insulate them adequately.
Every detail, from the applicator to the tubes up to the distribution heads, has been carefully analysed in terms of energy consumption and dispersion. This has enabled intervention achieving considerable energy saving.
The first step was the design of the completely insulated Diamond pistols that enable consumption to be reduced by up to 60% compared to the preceding models. Robatech consequently created a series of particularly efficient smaller diameter tubes. And lastly they directly intervened on the applicator glue process, devising a special insulation for the tank, the distributor and the entire covering.
As well as having attained savings of 17% against traditional systems, the improved insulation guarantees a greater protection of personnel (minimal risk of burns). For more than a year now, all Concept series systems, from 5 to 8 litre capacity, have been exclusively supplied in the new Greenline version - this without additional costs. And the entire range, also including greater capacity applicators, will shortly be equipped with this special insulation.




Insulation of the pump zone. The version without insulation on the left; the new insulating version on the right. In the Concept Greenline range other areas around the melting tank are equipped with special insulation.

To Ergostar the "iF packaging" award
The new manual gun ErgoStar™, designed by Robatech AG, was awarded the "iF Packaging 2011" (in the category systems for packaging) prize, assigned by the International Forum Design. The ErgoStar™ gun, in particular, won appreciation in that it combines an ergonomic design with a high degree of flexibility in application. It can in fact apply with precision all kinds of EVA hotmelt, PUR, PE and sealing compounds, in dots, spirals and spray. Another ErgoStar strength is its grip: ergonomically designed and manufactured in special plastic, even if used for prolonged periods, it does not fatigue the operator and, thanks to the "cool touch" feature, eliminates any of risk of burns.