Precision at high speeds

Robatech (Italian branch at Cesena, FC) has managed to combine speed with efficiency and wear resistance: the new ultra-high speed electro-mechanic applicator head SpeedStar™ Diamond dispenses up to 800 adhesive dots per second.

Also, even though it reaches a temperature of up to 185 °C and viscosity of up to 5000mPas, it has an average life cycle longer than models already on the market; furthermore, thanks to the shutter’s (patented) innovative motion, it enables electronic monitoring of the operations and constant and continuous self-regulation of the stroke. The SpeedStar™ guns operate with a high degree of precision and accuracy, since the shutter’s needle stroke is controlled and regulated automatically. Dot application and positioning also require no manual adjustments. A further advantage is offered by the considerable reduction in adhesive consumption. Indeed, thanks to the insulated and protected nozzle, homogeneous temperatures are achieved and, consequently, higher performance. What’s more, the use of an integrated filter prevents blockage.