Synchrosys is born in Turin in 1995 thanks to the initiative of three technicians, who have a great experience in the design and engineering of plants and machines for the food industry, in particolar automatic lines, systems and wrapping machines for bakery products, confectionary products, pre-formed potato chips and nests of noodles. Some of the major food brands trusted in Synchrosys and the company's growing popularity enabled the integration with Cavanna Group, leader in the same sector with over 260 employees all over the world.

An important part of Synchrosys' know-how covers the plants for dried products (bread, rusks, mini rusks, crackers, cracottes, potato chips and cookies).
The Synchrosys system for treating long loaves before the toasting oven includes: loaves conveying line, cutting machine, accumulation belt, aligning and transferring devices, magazine for loaves and slice spreader.
The processing of outgoing products is considered the same for all dried products, even if influenced by technical discrepancies (oven width, peculiarities, speed and quantity of arriving products).
Synchrosys systems include collecting and cooling groups at the oven exit, canalization systems, groups for the product flow division (rows separation, reduction or multiplication), units to put products on edge, buffering, dosing in the loaders and loading of primary and multipack wrapping machines.
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