Italy doubles its presence at Hispack 2024


There will be around 40 Italian companies, mostly producers of technologies and process and packaging machinery, participating at Hispack 2024, double that of the 2022 edition.

From 7 to 10 May, at the Barcelona Trade Fair, Made in Italy companies will find the ideal platform for exhibiting their latest technological developments that principally relate to solutions for packaging, automation, robotics and digitalization, as well as labelling systems, coding and marking. There will also be raw materials and other materials for packaging, logistics and handling.

Hispack 2024 numbers

Overall, Hispack will host over 720 exhibitors coming from 28 countries and 1,250 brands, and expects to welcome around 27 thousand professionals, of which 10% from abroad.

70% of the offer in the fair is represented by Spanish companies, while the remaining 30% by international enterprises. Turkey is the foreign country with the highest number of exhibitors (62), followed by Italy (39), China (31), Germany (23), France (16), Holland (9), Portugal (8) and the United Kingdom (6). The list of exhibitors also includes companies coming from Poland, Belgium, United States, Egypt, Greece, Marocco, Algeria, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Slovenia, Finland, Malesia, Mexico, Japan, Latvia, Taiwan, San Marino and Singapore.

"Opportunities in the Spanish market and its current growth rates are the main attractions for international exhibitors, as well as the Fair's connection with Latin America and the Mediterranean countries, thanks to linguistic and geographical proximity"– Hispack’s director, Xavier Pascual underlined.


The activity of foreign buyers coming mainly from Mexico, Poland, Marocco and Tunisia, four countries of interest for Spanish exports, will also be intense. At the same time, the Fair will host a Japanese delegation and will dedicate 9 May to the presentation of success stories and to the promotion of networking between European and Japanese companies, with the aim of activating channels for the exchange of information and international cooperation.

Initiatives for the international public

To enhance the experience of foreign visitors, Hispack will set up the International Business Centre (IBC) in pavilion 3 of the trade fair district, which will act as a reception point with specific services and a dedicated program of activities.

International visitors will be able to receive personalised advice at the IBC about Spanish suppliers which are most suitable for developing their projects and will be able to attend conferences on potential markets. It will also be possible to organise B2B meetings in this space.

The complete list of exhibitors is available here

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