Heirs of a tradition

All’s well that goes well… even more so if you get to celebrate, as is the case of Lucaprint, the 70th anniversary of its foundation, with a well-organised event that was able to provide opportunities for reflection on the capacity for cultural (as well as technical) renewal of one of the most important enterprises in the graphic-paper industry.

Stefano Lavorini

The atmosphere was special and festive, as befits an event planned with passion: the team spirit of the workers was evident; the respect and recognition of the work performed every day with dedication was sincere on the part of the many customers present.

This is the picture of the event organised by Lucaprint on 15 September 2023 at the Pianezze plant to celebrate 70 years of activity, focusing first and foremost on the values that have marked its history: integrity, innovation and involvement.

The organisation lived up to the task, starting with a guided visit to the factory, and the setting was well thought out, with ample space for the guests and a large stage for the speakers. The attentive and impeccable Sara Pinna ably introduced the guests. After the opening greetings on the part of the chairman Alberto Luca, well-considered, as ever, as well as of the local authorities, the commercial director, Ivan Maragno, illustrated with enthusiasm the results of a commissioned research to understand what customers think about Lucaprint, in terms of professionalism, service, quality and expertise and what could be areas for improvement. It was a way to analyse how the company faces the competition in the market.

Comparing opinions

The day continued with a round table with the title “Cartoncino mon amour: per chi, perché?” (Cardboard mon amour: for who and why?) during which the need for a new production system was reiterated, to be included within a broader reflection on technology and research, oriented towards reusable materials, recyclable and compostable materials, and accompanied by adequate consumer education. Reference was also made to Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, but also to the profound changes that are shifting the structures of the food supply chain …

Michele Bianchi (CEO of RdM and chairman of Procarton and Cepi), Alberto Luca (chairman of Lucaprint), Riccardo Zubani (Cardboard and Corrugated purchasing Manager, Barilla Group) and Luciano Villani (Food Dept. Packaging Purchase Manager Coop Italia) then took the floor.

Besides the quality of the contributions, for my part, as moderator of the meeting, I appreciated the balance and reasonableness of the opinions expressed regarding the “war” between different packaging materials which, in the end, is of no benefit to anyone, apart from those with an ideological and unrealistic vision of packaging.

Beyond the company

Reassured by the evidence that the Italian paper industry in general, and therefore also Lucaprint, continues to be a “generator of value” and an irreplaceable connecting element between suppliers of raw materials and users, the guests were then politely accompanied into an enjoyable/convivial context. The best that the local territory can provide. First, a visit to the square and castle of Marostica, with a show offereRenaissance costume, then moving on to Villa Cà Erizzo Luca, just outside Bassano del Grappa, for dinner.

What a setting! The fifteenth-century residence was enlarged in subsequent periods. The large and small rooms and “corridors that make the entire interior full of surprises for the variety of architectural solutions and the beauty of the frescoes, stuccos, doors painted with pastoral scenes embellished with inlays, the paintings, statues and antique furniture…”

left everyone amazed. It is difficult to forget the impressive avenue of centuries-old hornbeams that leads to the villa and which ends with a park of rare beauty, with tall trees and river stone masonry fences, embellished with sculptures and ancient fountains.

The guests included political and institutional representatives. Nevertheless, the evening was spent in a “family” and collaborative atmosphere that best expressed the style and measure of Alberto Luca and his company.d by participants and flag-wavers in

P.S. For a short video commentary

Lucaprint SpA has been operating in the graphic paper sector for seventy years.

It designs and develops tailored packaging for every sector and type of product with a quality that combines functionality and beauty in the product with maximum attention towards the environment and people’s safety.

This is testified by the fact that, year after year, Lucaprint has obtained and maintains with commitment and seriousness certifications that attest the quality, safety and environmental sensitivity that characterize our work.

Lucaprint has received many design awards in the most prestigious international competitions, including, to mention only those of this year, the WorldStar Awards, the global event that Pro Carton/Ecma Award, 2023 edition, the well-established European competition of the sector, aimed at cardboard packaging converting companies, in which it won with both Dainese - Packaging Kit Replacement, and with Spirit Brothers - Belle Rive Gin.

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