ItaliaImballaggio September 2022

  • Fachpack, Forum Meccatronica, Cibus Tec Forum
  • Powered by Best Packaging – The good ideas. From research to the shelf
  • Powered by CONAI - CONAI call for ecodesign 2022 - episode 2
  • High-end: smart, sustainable and ennobled printing. Meetings at Packaging Première.
  • Extra-rigid aluminum containers for responsible food delivery (Contital)
  • Emotions around finishing (Prati open house)
  • More productivity in box forming (PIAB, Cob-Solution, Rao Farmaceutici)
  • From virtual to real (Robatech Italia)
  • The right blend of technology and flexibility (Eurocoding, BipGroup, GoDEX, Italfoods)
  • Exclusive quality laser marking (CO&MA, ABMARK)

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio July-August 2022

  • SPS Italia, Packaging Première - PCD Milan
  • drinktec, Eurasia Packaging Istambul
  • Powered by Best Packaging. For a packaging ethics
  • Powered by Conai. Ecodesign: CONAI’s Call for Entries 2022
  • Packaging of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Report on the state of packaging (2)
  • Italian industrial automation industry’s 2021 turnover grows 22 percent
  • A highly technological paleo chocolate (CAMA Group, ICAM Cioccolato)
  • Goglio flexible packaging for liquid food at Drinktec
  • Supply chain logic between sustainability and innovation (Acma)

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio June 2022

  • Ethical Packaging Charter and the winners of the Best Packaging awards
  • Health Packaging
  • The packaging sector (2021)
  • Automation Tour (B&R)
  • The rule of excellence (Marchesini Group)
  • Alessandra Fazio as president of Istituto Italiano Imballaggio
  • Unity is strength... even in coffee (Goglio e IMA)
  • One machine for multiple quality controls (Antares Vision Group)

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio May 2022

  • On show at Cosmopack
  • Wood packaging
  • Waste management: central to business continuity strategies (Herambiente)
  • Consultants in innovation (Archita)
  • Renew yourselves, while remaining oneself (Servotecnica)
  • Touchless automation in meat packaging (Sealed Air Cryovac )
  • With Brava, innovation is sustainable (DCM)
  • From turboemulsifiers to complete plants (Omas)
  • Digital finishing in Industry 4.0 (Prati)
  • A coating head for e-commerce(Robatech)

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio April 2022

  • Sustainability, the point of view of... Ferrero. Interview with Paola Avogadro, Ferrero Global Packaging Design Director.
  • ENVIRONMENT + TECHNOLOGY & ETHICS. Best Packaging 2022: 30 products in competition.
  • Plastic and positive thinking (PuntoPack)
  • Dedicated to brands that make a difference (Luxoro)
  • Good job president. Anna Paola Cavanna, Istituto Italiano Imballaggio
  • Cybersecurity, digitalization and industry 4.0. Interview with Arturo Di Corinto
  • Mini tray: alternative and green (Gampack)
  • Packaging and Processing for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets (MG2)
  • Packaging, closures & service for pharma (Capsulit)
  • Open Door Pharma: messages of sustainability (Marchesini Group)
  • Group image (IMA Group)

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio March 2022

  • An incubator of ideas where innovation is a key feature. Interview with Valerio Soli.
  • The testimonials before the fair. An overview of the technologies that will animate the next edition of IPACK-IMA and Pharmintech and reflections on the strategies adopted by companies in the sector to cope with the complexity of the moment we are living.
  • Powered by Best Packaging. From Research to the Shelf
  • Application and perspectives of the legislation on FCMA
  • Sustainability. L’Oréal’s point of view. Interview with Carmen Carulli (Purchase Director) and Stefania Fabiano (General Director of the Active Cosmetics Division)
  • Bread, cereals and bakery products: market and packaging
  • The new assets of Italian large-scale retail trade in 2022
  • Open doors at the Beauty Division... and more (Marchesini Group)

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio January-February 2022

  • Powered by Best Packaging - From Research to the Shelf
  • The beauty community back at the fair
  • Cosmopack: witness to change
  • Tube of the Year 2021 (ETMA)
  • Packaging of nutraceutical products
  • Sustainability. Granarolo’s point of view
  • Report on the state of packaging (1)
  • Health & Pharma travels fast on the web
  • Adhesives... mon amour (Sun Chemical, Sapici)

... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio November-December 2021

  • Powered by Best Packaging - From Research to the Shelf. Best Packaging Winners
  • Powered by CONAI - Eco Design: call for proposals (Episode 4). The winners and the “super awards”
  • Environment and health at the Italian dinner table
  • Creativity, innovation and sustainability: the spirit of Enoplastic
  • Dedicated to the responsible consumer (Contital)
  • Flexible packaging: a “healthy” sector
  • Glass packaging
  • Wooden packaging
  • Between emotions and strategies. Cama Group turns 40

... and much more

Packmedia Selection

Latest issue:

IPACK-IMA 2022, Pharmintech • Eco-Design: the Conai Competition. Barbara del Curto talks about the new awareness of the industry in designing sustainable packaging • The Neverending Palette • Ecoshell: a “single dosage” paper pack (Acma) • Environmentally-proof security seal for beauty products (Pusterla 1880) • Transparent tubular packaging, in different formats (Mocap) • Today’s “ethical” packaging: The future is already here. Promoted by Istituto Italiano Imballaggio, and managed by Packaging Meeting Srl, the BEST PACKAGING contest has been revamped: it is in fact the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation that has signed the competition, which for over 60 years has rewarded innovation in packaging • ... and much more

ItaliaImballaggio October 2021

  • Beauty restarts from Onbeauty By Cosmoprof
  • Powered by Best Packaging. From Research to the Shelf. A journey through values and projects
  • Powered by CONAI. Eco Design: call for proposals (Episode 3). Barbara del Curto talks about the new awareness of the industry in designing sustainable packaging
  • Sustainability. The point of view of... COOP. Interview with Chiara Faenza, Sustainability and Innovation Values manager for Coop
  • The packaging of cleanliness
  • Story of a virtuous Forest (ACIS)
  • Opening cans in the kitchen (Ricrea)
  • Report on the state of packaging (3)
  • Plastic packaging

... and much more