Best Packaging 2023: Quality Design + start-ups and students

Entries open until December 15 for the Best Packaging 2023 contest. With focus on Quality Design, endorsed by the collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, the Italian Packaging Institute confirms the special prizes “Environment” (sponsored by Conai) and “Technology” (thanks to the support of Ipack-Ima). But it also announces interesting news, where the concreteness of the industry finds the right compendium in the social and environmental values of ethical packaging.

Promoted by the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio in collaboration with the School of Design of the Milan Polytechnic, the 2023 edition of the Best Packaging contest is dedicated to highlighting solutions that stand out in terms of planning and qualitative design.

In submitting your project for the main Quality Design section, you should be inspired by the guidelines drafted by the Polytechnic, which we quote below.
- Structural Dimension. Innovativeness of the formal solution and its aesthetic, semantic, sensory qualities, consistent with a content according to an environmental improvement perspective.
- Visual implantation. Originality of the narrative model and quality of the graphic forms that express it; ability to enhance the communicative potential of the packaging.
- Informational focus. Quality of graphic solutions aimed at conveying information content referring to the packaging and/or its contents, with particular attention to interventions that promote access to information for all user groups.
- Functionality and modes of use. Increased ergonomic and service functions referring to performance, interaction, and modes of use whose degree of innovation may go so far as to imply the introduction of new rituals of use and consumption.

What’s new in the competition: start-ups and students also in the running
For the first time in its long history, the 2023 contest includes a “Start Up” prize, supported by the Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation, which will cover the entry fee for finalist proposals. Both new companies that have been active for no more than two years, that propose innovative technological or digital content and demonstrate potential for growth in the packaging supply chain, and undergraduates or graduates who, in their thesis, have designed products, services, or consulting services for the world of packaging will be eligible. In both cases, proposals should stand out for originality or high technological content, as well as demonstrate that they have grasped and shared at least 3 values of the Packaging Ethics Charter, so that the concrete and useful goals of the industry are translated into ethical values, benefiting society, consumers and the environment.

Strengths of the contest
The main purpose of the event organized by Istituto Italiano Imballaggio is to communicate, as widely as possible and to the most diverse targets, the value of innovation represented by new solutions. The promotion of the finalist companies and projects, which emerged from the short list drawn up by a jury of experts, is articulated on a mix of means, including media partners from the specialized press, trade and some daily newspapers, the presence at Interpack 2023 and at Milano Design Week.

To participate, one must read and sign the rules, which can be downloaded from the Best Packaging section of the website, and provide the required materials (detailed description of the project and its strengths and innovation, digital image, physical samples and a 30” explanatory video).
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Registration will be open until December 15, 2022.

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