The new vision of mechanics

Marchesini Group announces the acquisition of 100% of SEA Vision Group, the company founded in Pavia which has become a leader in the construction of traceability, data collection and inspection systems in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics packaging sector.

The acquisition - which began in 2018 with the initial purchase of a 48% stake in SEA Vision Group - represents the completion of one of the most significant market operations undertaken by Marchesini Group in its almost fifty years of history and which, thanks to mergers and acquisitions with complementary companies in the sector, has transformed from a local company to a multinational one, now able to create technologies for the packaging of all the main products for the Pharma and Beauty industry.

Further to the acquisition, Pietro Cassani, Chief Executive Officer of Marchesini Group, will become Chairman of the Board of SEA Vision Group, which will also include Michele Cei, co-founder of the Pavia-based company, who will retain the role of CEO.

By strategic choice of Marchesini Group, and in accordance with its usual policy, the new corporate structure will not interfere with the expansion plan of SEA Vision Group, which is forecasting a turnover of over 50 million Euro for 2022.

Integrating innovation

The SEA Vision Group operation crowns a long-term strategy which aims to integrate the galaxy of mechanical engineering businesses controlled by Marchesini Group with some of Italy’s top software and vision companies.

It is in the light of this strategy that SEA Vision Group recently acquired AI specialist ARGO Vision, while Marchesini Group completed its take-over of Proteo Engineering (which specialises in industrial automation)  and Auteco, a creator of solutions in the field of automation, process control and workflow digitalisation.

Moreover, in 2021 Marchesini Group acquired a minority holding in Bologna-based startup Eyecan, owner of an innovative technology enhanced by AI algorithms which enables robots equipped with vision to train the robotic systems installed on Marchesini Group lines, thus speeding up packaging cycles.

«Through in-house management of the complex dynamics involved in the digitalisation of production processes, we intend to interconnect mechanical engineering with robotics and software, and manufacturing with digitalisation and AI» commented Maurizio Marchesini, Chairman of Marchesini Group and Vice-Chairman of Confindustria responsible for Supply Chains and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

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