The winners of the Gmund Award 2021

Florian Kohler (Inhaber Gmund Papier), Peter Wiesendanger (GF Wiesendanger medien), Marian Rappl (Kommunikationsleiter VDMB)

The winners of the eighth edition of the Gmund Award, the European competition devoted to the most creative and technically high-quality items printed on Gmund natural paper, were announced on 2 December.

Nine winners were chosen from a field of more than 300 entries, one for each of the seven categories in the competition plus an honorary award and the special Green Innovation award launched for the first time this year.

The winner in the Mailing category was the Miami-based agency Seraph Design, which created the invitation to the New World Symphony’s 32nd anniversary gala, packaged in a complex hand-folded world map using Lakepaper Blocker and Gmund Matt 86 and 89 papers. The techniques used are four-colour lithography, hot foil and die-cutting.

Shueisha Inc. for Shueisha Manga Art Heritage (Art Prints) won the Art category.

The Tokyo-based publishing house produced artistic prints of Japanese manga comics on Gmund Cotton paper with letterpress printing and blockchain technology.

The winner in the Business category was Dauphin Human Design Group (Packaging and Brochures), which submitted boxes and brochures created using Gmund Colors Matt 63, 01 and 99, Gmund Bauhaus Dessau and other papers with hot-foil stamping, 2/0 Pantone printing and 4/4 Euroscala printing, including relief varnish.


The winner in the Packaging category was the FYFF AG agency (Packaging and labels) which developed completely sustainable packaging for the Juniper series of fragrances for its client Retterspitz.

A special 350-gram grammage paper based on Gmund Bio Cycle was chosen. The environmentally friendly packaging made of recycled paper stands out for its simple, highly minimalistic design and harmoniously coherent corporate identity across all tools.

The company Bölling (Wedding cards) won first place in the Private category. Bölling’s “We Said ‘I Do’” wedding card impressed the jurors with its play of light and shadow deriving from uncommonly deep blind embossing. A laminated variety of Gmund Hemp 100% 640g/m² paper was used, while the banderoles are made of Gmund Cotton. Each card is enclosed in a matching envelope from the Gmund Colors system.

Wiesendanger medien for VDMB (Annual magazine) was the winner in the Corporate category.

The 2020 edition of the magazine was printed on various Gmund Colors papers, including Gmund Colors Transparent. LED UV offset printing (including opaque white), hot-foil stamping, mirror-foil lamination and lay-flat binding with folding tape were used. All of the implemented techniques always have a cogent conceptual background and a clear reference to the sophisticated, highly relevant content.

The winner in the Book category was Druckerei Vogl (Photo book).

The image reproduction in LE-UV offset printing succeeds perfectly on Lakepaper Blocker paper. Each picture makes its viewers feel almost as though they were physically present in the scene.

Thanks to the matte surface of the paper, there are no reflections or glossy effects. The black hot foil on linen for the cover and spine create an invitingly high-quality impression.

The Special Award for Green Innovation went to Goldbuch Georg Brückner (papeterie). Goldbuch’s products are made using sustainable Gmund Hemp 100% paper. The company uses printer’s inks based on renewable raw materials. Goldbuch also relies on 100% green electricity and prioritises short distances over CO2-intensive imports.

Finally, the winner of the Honorary Award for Paper Meets Music was DruckTeam.

For the popup art exhibition “Flowers for Elise” in Beethoven Year 2020, the idea was conceived to present familiar portraits of Beethoven in a new form via digitally produced images created by the artist Tobias Schreiber. The Gmund Colors Matt collection offered the perfect solution for the project in which forty-eight individual images are combined to create one complete digitally printed image.

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