Nimax acquires a majority stake in Nemesis

From the Packaging Valley to the world: the operation consolidates the presence of the Bologna company in international markets.

Nimax spa - reference partner for industrial line manufacturers and for companies that need to install coding, marking, inspection, control and labelling systems in their own production processes - has acquired a qualified majority stake in the Modena company, Nemesis srl, a key operator in the design and production of industrial weighers, with 75% of turnover generated in foreign markets.

CEO Riccardo Neri remains at the helm of Nemesis, continuing the family tradition in which he followed in the footsteps of his father, Maurizio Neri, founder of the company in 1976. It’s a generational transition that has maintained the company’s growth path, enabling it to become a brand recognised internationally for the provision of software and hardware solutions for dynamic weight verification.

«This acquisition is a fundamental step in the process of development and consolidation in Nimax’s foreign markets - company CEO Nicola Montanari opens - given that it allows us to further diversify our activities and increase our presence in the sector, bringing on board high-level skills. It’s a strategic operation that strengthens the position of both companies thanks to the sharing of know-how, sales networks and the optimization of services and cost centres with relative economic benefits.
We believe that this synergic collaboration opens up significant growth and innovation opportunities for both the parties involved, allowing us to supply our customers, that is, producers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), even more competitive and cutting-edge services. We would like to point out that the benefits that the companies obtain will be shared with our team through welfare activities to which Nimax pays great attention. The wellbeing of our employees is a priority that has led us to develop with them very interesting events and projects, including, for example, the company apiary on the roof with live webcam, the gym, a day in Bologna with bike-sharing bicycles».

Riccardo Neri, CEO of Nemesis echoes these comments, continuing: «We are happy to become part of the Nimax Group and to contribute to its growth. The partnership between our two companies promises to open up new horizons and further strengthen our capabilities. We will continue to serve our customers with dedication and quality, maintaining our identity and our leadership in the sector».

The union between Nimax and Nemesis is, therefore, a development opportunity for companies and the territory, consolidating Nimax’s position in the Italian market with a range of solutions able to reduce production costs and line-stoppage times due to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, with a  know-how acquired in over 50 years of experience in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and life-science sectors; on the other hand, Nemesis, accredited on the international market with innovative low energy consumption products.

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