From Gampack, efficient and innovative secondary packaging

Specially designed for the frozen pastry sector, the packaging line developed by Gampack Group guarantees the perfect management of delicate products, also in continuous cycle.

In the competitive world of frozen food products, companies are faced with increasingly significant challenges related to secondary packaging.

These include the need to maintain the integrity and freshness of foods, ensuring, at the same time, high production speeds to meet market demand without compromising on product quality.

Successfully facing these complexities requires cutting-edge solutions that combine advanced technologies which are extremely functional but at the same time simple from a management point of view, that is, “user-friendly”. Gampack Group, leader in the design, development and manufacture of machines dedicated to secondary and tertiary packaging, is this year adding to its portfolio an innovative line dedicated to the secondary packaging of frozen pastries, a 100% tailor-made solution conceived for facing and overcoming the complex challenges of this sector, particularly those associated with the management of delicate products and with continuous-cycle production.

A sophisticated and flexible system

The equipment produces corrugated carboard boxes starting from the flat blank, inside of which a bag is inserted to avoid the direct contact of the products with the secondary package (Ed. all the materials having contact with food products are strictly food-grade). Able to handle up to 500 products of various formats a minute, and up to a maximum of 50 boxes a minute, besides pure packaging operations, the line carries out timely and accurate quality checks on the products.

This sophisticated and hi-tech packaging system - in which design, mechanics and electronics combine to give rise to a line that impresses for its great potential - guarantees a packaging process that maintains the integrity and attractiveness of the products while optimising, at the same time, production efficiency. With a constant focus on flexibility and automation, the solution offered by Gampack Group brings significant improvements to various crucial aspects of the production process; among these, the improvement of packaging quality and a considerable increase in operational flexibility stand out.

Thanks to special frozen food picking elements, designed starting from the specific characteristics of the pastry specialties, Gampack Group ensures, in fact, precise and delicate manipulation, able to eliminate any damage to the product during packaging, guaranteeing that the products arrive at the consumer in perfect condition, improving the final customer’s experience and, hence, perception of the brand.

The line has, moreover, been designed to be extremely flexible, given that it adapts easily to variations in format, size and type of packaging. This versatility makes it possible to respond promptly to market trends and demanding consumer’s requests, facilitating the immediate launch of new products or variants without the need for additional investments in equipment.

With this new line, Gampack Group not only reinforces its presence in the food market, but also establishes new standards of excellence, underlining its commitment to quality and innovation.

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