J Pack Packaging Machines | interpack 2023

Hall 5 - E31 | TSS126-OVERSKIN heat-sealing machine for the skin packaging of products with protrusion on trays and cards.

J Pack Packaging Machines, the Italian company specialised in the production of machines for packaging food in trays, will be present at Interpack 2023 with the series of semi-automatic and automatic sealing machines specially designed for MAP and SKIN technology. The models displayed will include the TSS126-OVERSKIN, a pneumatic heat-sealing machine, designed for the skin packaging of products with protrusion of up to 40 mm.

The extreme flexibility of the machine makes it possible to use both plastic trays and rigid cards which, thanks to their being recyclable, allow for a reduction of 70% in the use of plastic materials. The technologies are directed towards producers of meats and dairy products, food preparations and mass retailers.

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