Closed loop stepper systems


Oriental Motor's AZ Series consists of a closed loop stepper motor that is feedback controlled by an absolute mechanical multi-turn encoder "ABZO", which automatically detects the position of the motor rotor and activates the closed loop control.

Thanks to this function, the system is as reliable as a servomotor in responding to unexpected load changes and accelerations, while maintaining the advantages of a stepper motor, with immediate stops without oscillation or pendulum.

AZ Series systems are available in different motor sizes of 20 and 28 mm for DC supply only, 42 and 60 mm for both DC and AC and 85 mm for AC supply. In addition to the standard gearless series, complete versions of right-angle, bevel-gear, planetary and harmonic 0-backlash assembled gears are available.

In addition, the driver range has been expanded with new single-axis drivers with EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP and Profinet communication, which allows direct integration of AZ systems into applications using these fieldbuses and thus eliminates the need for converters.

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