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Hall 18 - B02 | Carton storage control in carton packaging machines

The new Pilz solution (TÜV SÜD certified for PL d/ SIL 2) is presented at the trade fair for carton storage control in carton packaging machines, composed of compact PNOZmulti 2 control systems or myPNOZ safety modules combined with two O300 optic sensors.

It’s not possible to access the danger zone while the machine is in operation if the loader still has a sufficient number of cartons. The opening of the loader must, therefore, be controlled. The O300 optic sensors detect whether there is sufficient material in the cardboard storage unit for packaging; if this is not the case, the outputs of the safety system deactivate the machine, which remains stopped until enough cartons have been loaded. The O300 optic sensors create a field of view of between 30 mm and 100 mm with reactions times of a few milliseconds.

This solution for monitoring carton storage makes it possible to load the machine also in operating phases, so as to prevent inconvenient stoppages, thereby improving the plant’s productivity.

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