PVC consumption in Italy


PVC Forum Italia publishes Plastic Consult survey data on consumption 2021: rebound with positive sign in 2021 and 2022 prospects where packaging is among the leading sectors.

There are 650,000 tons of PVC processed during 2021, a 10% increase compared to 2020 when consumption stood at 590,000 tons.

In first place is construction, which covers 1/3 of total consumption, followed by the packaging sector, which is the second application of use, registering a positive sign at +5% compared to 2020. A trend that sees the sector returning above pre-COVID levels, according to market research conducted by Plastic Consult on behalf of PVC Forum Italia.

Presented at the last PVC Academy held in June, the research showed a market where PVC grows by 10% over 2020, with a rebound that far exceeds that achieved by thermoplastics as a whole, a segment that totaled a consumption of 5.62 million tons with an increase of about 5%.

Of the 650,000 tons of PVC processed in Italy in 2021, 63,000 were destined for the packaging industry, divided into 36,000 in rigid PVC and 27,000 in plasticized, covering 9.7% of total production. Finally, interesting data on recycled PVC production, which is recovering with volumes above 90-100 Kton.

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