Three-layer reinforced PTFE for gluing polyethylene


Argos Group’s three-layer PTFE coating supports the packaging process, resolving the age-old problem of polyethylene (PE) film gluing to sealing bars

Innovation in the PTFE market arrives from the Argos ST Group, which since 2020 has brought together some of the most important operators in the industrial treatments and surface coatings sector. Specifically, it is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating with three layers that prevents the film from gluing to the seal bars when closing polyethylene (PE) tubular bags.

The coating offered by Argos is applied directly on the machine, specifically, through a special coating process and a subsequent passage in the oven at a temperature of around 400°C, to allow for polymerisation. The three-layer reinforcement gives the coating greater resistance to wear and to high operating temperatures (260-280°C), as well as high anti-adherence, guaranteeing ease of cleaning, surface smoothness of the product in contact with the treated surface, greater productivity of the machines and high quality of the finished product. The PTFE polymer proposed by Argos can be combined with a hard metal anchoring layer, deposited by thermo-spraying, able to further improve hardness and resistance to wear.

With spray metallizing, the structural characteristics and surface roughness can be modified to give the final coating excellent traction or slide.

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