Precious emotions in Art Nouveau style

Luxoro has carried out experimentation on the restyling of a number of Nashi Argan product lines, imagining an alternative high-end packaging that does not distort the essence and spirit of the brand.

In telling this satisfying story of collaboration, it’s necessary to start from two facts. The first: Nashi Argan products are created to respond to the needs of consumers simply and effectively, to provide softness, hydration and well-being for hair and skin. The second, of a more general nature: in the cosmetics market it’s fundamental to express the essence of a product through appropriate packaging, which reflects its value and clearly communicates its prestige.

Engaged to demonstrate the validity and applicability of the two assumptions, Luxoro has once more hit the target, drawing on its ennobling expertise and involving a number of strategic partners for the supply of the paper (Fedrigoni Paper), the printing of the cardboard pack (ISEM Bramucci Srl) and the manufacture of the rPET bottles (Pibiplast).

Ennoblement as a solution

The declaration of the Nashi Argan Team leaves no room for doubt: «We have chosen to work with Luxoro because it represents a point of reference for ennobling solutions: it’s a partner with which it’s possible to achieve surprising and valuable results».

The synergy between Nashi Argan’s graphics department and the ennobling solutions proposed by Luxoro has led to the “Limited Edition” packaging ideas, not yet on the market, for Nashi Argan Shampoo 200 ml, Conditioner 200 ml, Instant 150 ml and Oil 100ml. All the unmistakable amber-coloured bottles have been ennobled with two Luxoro light metallic blue and gold effects, which partially cover the surface. The design is completed with the paper manufacturing of a box that incorporates the lines and style of the containers, for which a material and sensory paper has been chosen. There’s more: its particular shape not only allows it to contain the products, but displays and celebrates them in the best possible way. The graphics concept makes reference to Art Nouveau, and therefore to a world of naturalistic inspiration with an exotic appeal, with fascinating decorative effects and great elegance. It is, in fact, characterised by sinuous, elegant, floral and harmonious lines that combine perfectly with each other in the “dressing” of the product: a process that gives the packaging a great emotional value, involving the senses in an experience of completeness.

Refined decoration techniques

For the ennobling of the primary packaging of Nashi Argan products, Luxoro has used direct decoration on the various substrates: a sophisticated and technically elaborate application method which has, however, permitted the elimination of paper labels.

The effect of the decoration on the different printed materials, glass and rPET, maintains, at the same time, the substance of the colours and the brilliance and quality of the final result. They are, therefore, impeccable solutions in terms of quality and resistance. The peculiarity of the design, moreover, contributes to making the product even more recognisable, besides generating a more captivating brand experience for consumers.

Besides the bottles and flasks, also the box/display has hot gold ennoblements, as well as structures with dry reliefs, turning it into a precious item, capable of attracting both sight and touch. Finally, a green touch: the metallic effects used for the decorations do not in any way affect the recyclability of the substrate on which they are applied. In practice, the close collaboration between the two enterprises has led to an excellent result from an aesthetic and graphic point of view without, however, compromising on sustainability and attention towards the environment.

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