Automatic blister packaging machine for oncology products


FamarTec’s TF120 blister packaging machine with an OEB5 containment system guarantees maximum safety and precision in the packaging of oncology products, ensuring compliance with all regulations in force.

In the dynamic field of pharmaceutical production, in which the demand for oncology products is constantly increasing, it’s absolutely crucial to guarantee the safety and protection of both operators and the products. The arrival of Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI) has led to significant changes in the management of production processes, particularly during the packaging phase, in order to comply with the regulations in force and the stringent safety standards.

A concentration of efficiency, versatility and safety

The FamarTec TF120 blister packaging machine has been designed precisely to meet the complex packaging requirements for HPAPI products and achieves the highest level of protection (OEB5), establishing new standards of excellence in pharmaceutical production. The safety of operators and the integrity of the product are the priority aspects on which the design has been focused.

Specialized isolation chambers envelop critical operational areas, such as product loading, the sealing of the blisters and cutting, and are equipped with large windows, enabling optimal visibility of the packaging process. Maintenance and format change activities are particularly simple, facilitated by the presence of strategically positioned gloves.

The air ventilation and filtration systems are seamlessly integrated, creating a controlled environment which is essential for protecting sensitive HPAPI products. Using a negative pressure regime inside the machine, potential contaminants are strictly contained, reducing the product’s risk of exposure to a minimum and guaranteeing compliance with safety protocols. Besides its advanced safety characteristics, the TF120 is versatile and user-friendly; it also integrates into existing production lines, facilitating a fluid transition towards safer and more efficient HPAPI product packaging practices.

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