DCM | Pharmintech 2022


Exclusive distributor of Kraus, Guk, Autonox Robotics, IN2PS brands, DCM has also created OPTIMAC®, a system thanks to which machinery and processes reach their maximum performance and provides complementary services of maintenance, technical assistance, personnel training, spare parts supply.

«We look to innovation and digitalization, responding to the growing demand for process automation, with robotic packaging and palletizing solutions. In the pharmaceutical sector in particular, we are known for our high-performance leaflet folders and feeders that do the folding and feeding of the package insert. The growth in leaflet size and the continuous search for line OEE optimization require pharmaceutical companies to continuously update their equipment. That’s why we, in DCM, respond with ever new and more performant models, whether it’s folding from the flat leaflet, folding from reel or, finally, feeding of pre-folded leaflets».

Alessandro Casiraghi, President

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