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Hall 15 - B58 | Thermoforming machine for packaging syringes, vials and bottles

The packaging of related products is a very delicate phase that requires particular care. The containers, usually made of glass, are easily broken, particularly when there is glass-glass or glass-metal contact. In the event of damage, moreover, cleaning the machine is very laborious compared to when dealing with solid products.

Famar Tec’s new thermoforming machine meets all the key requirements of the secondary packaging of related products. With a modern and attractive design, a “balcony” structure and compact and modular layout, it is able to handle the pharmaceutical packaging of blisters of syringes, vials, bottles and similar products, reaching a maximum form depth of 40 mm. Thanks to the completely automatic functioning, the thermoforming machine offers high standards of performance, precision in the handling of the product and a flexible and inexpensive packaging.

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