By icotek, new cable entry for Rittal terminal boxes KX/KL


Icotek, the global leader producing innovative systems for cable entry and EMC cable shielding introduces the new cable entry plates KEL-DPZ-KX/KL (IP65), which were specially developed for Rittal terminal boxes KX/KL, but can still be used for many other applications.

Huge flexibility with the increased number of configurations.

Thanks to five new configurations, up to 72 cables can be routed into housings in the simplest and most efficient way if the configuration is selected accordingly. The KEL-DPZ-KX/KL (IP65) is delivered with the necessary self-tapping screws (thread-forming) to ensure effortless installation. Electrical and pneumatic cables can be installed in a matter of seconds by piercing the corresponding membrane and simply pushing the cables through. To ensure continued reliable sealing for punctured but no longer used membranes, icotek also offers practical and intuitive ST-B plugs.

The KEL-DPZ-KX/KL is a versatile and reliable solution for cable entry on Rittal terminal boxes KX/KL. The space-saving cable entry plate offers a quick and easy installation as well as an effective protection of the cables. The inserted cables are sealed with IP65 and relieved against strain. There are no dirt niches.

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