IMA Group accelerates its digital activities


IMA Sandbox and IMA AlgoMarket emerge to provide customers with a revolutionary service

IMA Group announces a significant leap forward in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), strengthening its commitment to digital innovation. The Group introduces two cutting-edge solutions: IMA Sandbox and IMA AlgoMarket, aiming to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of services offered to customers.

These initiatives mark a milestone in the multinational's digitalization strategy, underscoring the Group's continuous commitment to adopting and implementing emerging technologies to rethink new ways of supporting partners and customers.

Sandbox, an innovative development environment

Sandbox is a collaborative, cloud-based platform for co-development and partnership in creating advanced algorithms, based on a shared and secure environment. This flexible digital architecture integrates centralised data collection and management in a "playground," allowing for testing and simulating of complex scenarios, evaluating AI performance under variable conditions, and refining machine learning algorithms before actual implementation.

It analyses the interaction of AI solutions with operational machine parameters, such as current, pressure, temperature, and vibrations (among others). The goal is to provide clear insight into optimising processes and preventing efficiency losses, facilitating a deeper understanding of how different variables influence machine operations. The IMA Sandbox, through which the Group aims to develop strategic partnerships with its customers, combines IMA's expertise as machine builders with internal knowledge of production processes. It is designed to be intuitive, accessible and highly customisable, effectively meeting specific needs.

AlgoMarket, a marketplace for AI solutions

AlgoMarket represents a breakthrough in how companies access and implement artificial intelligence solutions. This digital marketplace allows IMA Group's customers to explore, evaluate, and acquire pre-configured and advanced AI algorithms specifically designed for the industrial sector. Thanks to AlgoMarket, customers will easily find the AI solution that best suits their needs, accelerating the digitization process and improving operational efficiency.

The acceleration of IMA Group's digital activities opens new avenues for collaboration and innovation in the industry, placing the company and its customers at the centre of an increasingly interconnected and intelligent digital transformation.

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