Control of labels and flexible packaging without defects

Prati has completely redesigned the JUPITER inspection rewinder and will be presenting the new TCWM (Tavolo di Controllo Wide Modular).

With JUPITER TCWM, Prati managed to move from a rigid to a fully modular structure. The horizontal flow of material has helped the company in the redesign. Full modularity has also allowed to offer customers a totally configurable machine whilst maintaining all the advantages deriving from the standardisation of the single modules in terms of repeatability and quality. For this reason, they are not dealing with a machine but, rather, a platform, that is, a base for future developments and configurations. This is without forgetting that high level of configurability also makes it possible to specialise JUPITER for different types of finished product.

Total reproducibility of the finished label

Built to communicate with all workflow link brands, the rewinder runs at full speed and only stops for pre-defined defects to be removed or corrected. With the exclusive Automatic Workflow Management System, what makes the difference is when the rewinder stops, any corrective action is entirely automatic and the end result is error-free, every time. Only this way do converters achieve total reproducibility of the finished label by zeroing the risk of human error. JUPITER handles multi-substrates from 12 to 450μm with 3 different rewinding tensions for unsupported film, SA labels and clear-on-clear labels. JUPITER with Automatic Workflow Management System enables fully automatic correction procedures, leading to consistency and failsafe quality of the finished label. Compared to previous models, the TCWM is high-end and modular. And, thanks to the independent unwinder, the customer is not restricted to a determined configuration, but is able to personalise the machine according to needs. Another new development is the reels loading system, redesigned with a rapid hooking system for greater security.

The name JUPITER given to Prati’s test board is inspired by the planet Jupiter, one of the brightest bodies in the sky and the largest planet in the solar system. The “greatness” of JUPITER is even more evident in TCWM’s new model, redesigned in the name of modularity, safety and ergonomics to produce labels and flexible packaging with zero errors.
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