Easyline for simple hot melt applications

With the new line, Robatech is providing a small, practical adhesive application system for simple hot melt applications that is easy to operate and maintain. EasyLine allows thermoplastic hot-melt adhesives to be applied in proven Robatech quality.

The new EasyLine products are featuring the Easy adhesive melter, the Rio heated hose and the Twist jetting head. The handy, compact application system can be used to easily and securely glue trays, folding boxes, paper cups, paper sleeves for ice cream cones or similar products.

Easyline easy rio twist

Easy operation, installation, commissioning and maintenance

With a maximum melting capacity of 2.5 l/h, it can feed up to two electro-heated hoses, offering to customers the functions they really need: manual pump pressure control; temperature regulation; separate management of the 3 heating zones (melter, hoses and heads). Added value is obtained thanks to a compact, energy-efficient application system of Swiss quality with an attractive price-performance ratio.

The functioning. EasyLine can be quickly connected via plug-and-play connectors. With a head holder adjustable in 22.5° increments and the variable positioning of the application nozzles, the compact Twist jetting head can be easily and flexibly installed in machines. Moreover, the adhesive filter is now located in the heated hose’s fully insulated connector, where it can be easily replaced.

The application head remains clean, and time-consuming removal and installation are no longer necessary. With manual pump pressure control, temperature lowering and heating zone management for the adhesive melter, heated hoses and application heads, the EasyLine offers all the necessary functions for simple adhesive applications.

In conclusion, with EasyLine, Robatech combines functional minimalism with practical, new features. Weighing 16 kg, the Easy adhesive melter is also one of the lightest adhesive melters available.

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