Why to chose a monoblock


TIRELLI, as part of the AROL Group, designs and manufactures filling, capping and labelling systems, mainly for the cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceutical industry. They are specialised in the development of turn-key solutions, consisting of bespoke machines to better adapt to the customer’s requirements.

In particular, TIRELLI SIGMA, monoblock reciprocating motion units, offers the maximum of flexibility. It combines one filler (vacuum, peristaltic pumps, flowmeters, pistons, net weight) with one or more capping machines. The bottles are fed in step-by-step by a star wheel, filled (from 1 to 6 nozzles) and then, capped. It is possible to add a sealing system to this type of monoblock unit.

The monoblock filling unit can be installed on a trolley and the caps can be fed in manually or automatically. Using a reciprocating motion offers a space-saving and extremely flexible solution for low to medium productions. It is built for cosmetic products such as face creams, tonic, micellar water. But it can handle bottles and jars with pumps, screw or pressure caps and plastic caps/disks.

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