Bormioli Luigi and Bormioli Rocco together

Parma, 20 September 2023. 80 years after its foundation, Bormioli Luigi SpA absorbs Bormioli Rocco SpA, thereby consolidating its position as leader in its areas of business.

Since 1st July 2023, the activities of the two companies, largely complementary, have been joined, and the merger by incorporation is, in all respects, a fundamental milestone in the history of national glassmaking. The establishment of such a centre was preceded, in 2017, with the acquisition by Bormioli Luigi of a number of industrial divisions of Bormioli Rocco Spa, the result of a long-term strategy to develop innovative ways to do business.

The recent merger will, therefore, make the business structure more compact, bringing together diversified corporate cultures and know-how and amplifying the potential synergies associated with businesses that are in themselves diverse. Business management will benefit from more integrated, as well as more agile and flexible processes, all boosting overall profitability.

Among the numerous advantages, the merger will offer the opportunity to strengthen the effectiveness of strategic research, using advanced IT tools; the transformation will involve not only production and marketing, but also human resources, finances and various supplies.

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