Granarolo in lighter bottles and with tethered cap

85 million bottles produced by the Italian dairy giant will “travel” with a cap anchored to the container.

The result of R&D work inside Granarolo, this solution renews the closure of PET bottles of high pasteurized milk, reducing the weight of the neck of the preform and the cap, now anchored to the bottle to avoid its dispersion in the environment and make it easier to recycle.

Together with the new development regarding the top (made with 30% less plastic), the weight of the bottles in various formats has also been reduced by 13% on average compared to the containers produced in 2021. These features didn’t go unnoticed at MARCA 2023, in which the ADI Packaging Design Award was assigned to Granarolo, acknowledging its ability to anticipate the European Directive. It’s the first dairy company to make this step, putting emphasis on exclusive design and the sustainability of the new bottle.

The number of milk bottles in PET produced will reach 7.3 million per month, for an annual value of 85 million units, all based on the lighter model. The reference products affected by the new packaging are the bottles of high temperature pasteurized milk in all formats (1 l, 500 ml, 1.5 l), the small 500 bottles of Kefir, the Crescita 3 baby milk bottles and the Granarolo Bimbi 500 ml bottles. This further green evolution generates a combined effect, leading to a saving of over 355,000 kg of plastic a year, equivalent to 537 tonnes of CO2, which, in turn, is comparable to the annual illumination of a town of 7,760 inhabitants.

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