Hot melts for automated packaging in e-commerce

With the Technomelt E-COM portfolio for e-commerce packaging, Henkel Adhesive Technologies offers hot melt adhesive solutions for right-sized cartons and envelopes.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies will present two innovative solutions at LogiMAT 2024 (stand 4A53 - Hall 4): automated packaging and palletizing with hot melt adhesives. This significantly increases the productivity of on-demand packaging technologies. Automated, right-sized packaging captures the size of the products to be packaged and then precisely matches the shipping cartons and envelopes to them.

By eliminating fill material, material and transportation costs can be significantly reduced. At the same time, output is greatly increased: up to 1,000 cartons per hour can be packed using the automated process. Henkel's Technomelt adhesives are 100% compatible with the paper recycling process according to the guidelines of the European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC) and are certified by all leading machine and dispensing equipment manufacturers. The portfolio is available worldwide, ensuring short transportation routes to the customer.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies also offers an innovative solution for palletizing: instead of large quantities of plastic film, hot melt adhesives from the Technomelt Supra PS product range stabilize stacked goods during transport on pallets. The adhesive is applied to the packaged goods and prevents them from slipping. This ensures safe transportation, allows higher stacking and reduces the use of stretch film by up to 90 percent. It also eliminates the need for intermediate layers, reducing overall material costs by up to 80 percent. This elimination allows for automated depalletizing, increasing process efficiency.

The hot melt adhesive is compatible with the recycling process according to EPRC guidelines. It can be used for packaging cartons, boxes, plastic bottles, cans, multi-piece packaging, and paper and plastic bags.

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