Packaging design, new materials and Zero emissions for Carlsberg

The Carlsburg Group’s new ESG strategy, which aims at net zero CO2 emissions by 2040 and involves the entire value chain, from the cultivation of raw materials to the recyclability of the packaging, is called “Together Towards ZERO and Beyond”.

At a global level, Carlsberg has reduced its CO2 emissions by 40% since 2015, reducing the use of water for every hectolitre of beer produced by 21%. It’s a path that also sees Italy as protagonist with one of the brands of the Group, Birrificio Angelo Poretti in Induno Olona, in which emissions have been reduced by 38% and water waste by 32%.

The new sustainability plan extends the scope of action, involving also the farming and packaging areas, taking into consideration that the carbon footprint associated with farming, the processing of raw materials and the production and disposal of packaging amounts together to over 65% of the total emissions from the production and distribution of beer. Carlsberg is focusing on regenerative farming practices and sustainable packaging solutions for reducing emissions.

Two important projects are linked, in particular, to recycling, reuse and packaging design. In Milan, a pilot project gives new life to DraughtMaster vats in PET, from which waiting room chairs are produced, and another initiative involves a community garden for the redevelopment of a green area in the Bovisa district. In order to obtain a container totally free of plastic, moreover, Carlsberg is developing prototypes of Green Fibre Beer Bottles, a new paper-based beer bottle made out of 100% bio-based and recyclable material, with an internal barrier both in recycled PET and in bio-based PEF.

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