Compostable twist wrap films for the confectionery industry

Futamura is celebrating a significant milestone in the history of its packaging films: 85 years of twist wrapping individual sweets in Cellophane™. At the same time, the company’s films have continued to evolve in response to growing demand for environmentally responsible packaging.

In the last 20 years, Futamura has launched NatureFlex™ films which maintain the technical performance of Cellophane™ while using renewable raw materials sourced from sustainably managed plantations.

NatureFlex is a compostable film that breaks down within 6 to 8 weeks and can be placed in a home compost bin or sent to industrial composting. Both options allow for the production of soil enriching compost.

In the field of twistwrapping, NatureFlex films are compatible with almost all packaging lines.

They are used regularly by leading brands such as Sacmi Chocolate.

“We have successfully tested various versions of NatureFlex, both transparent and metallised, on our wrapping machines and we recommend it to customers in search of eco-friendly alternatives to plastics,” said Valentina Bergami from the sales and marketing department. “NatureFlex has proved to be a high-performance material with excellent tensile strength during the unwinding process together with very high rigidity. This means that the film can be pushed through the feeding unit of our wrapping machines, where it is cut to size right on top of the product. Last but not least, its elasticity allows it to be twisted without reopening.”