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What is it. 100% transparent paper bag, sustainable and natural alternative to plastic polybags. Designed for automatic filling, compliant with optical reading systems, it offers a large print area to promote brand image, ensuring product visibility.

Accessibility focus. The 8 cm deep closure flap guarantees ease of use in closing/opening activities. The adhesive closure strip eliminates the use of additional adhesive tapes. The peel-and-stick glue guarantees an easy reclosing, enabling the reuse of the bag. The right choice of size is crucial to avoid the risk of over-packaging: for this reason the range includes different dimensions. The eco-design of our transparent paper bag is designed to be extremely functional for logistic operations, and this is why we guarantee flexibility in the choice of bag size, closing system and printing.

Manufacturing material. FSC® Paper

Product and potential markets. Designed with a focus on fashion and textile industries, it fits many business segments by performing all the logistic and protective functions specific of secondary packaging, which is not visible but exists and it is responsible for huge amounts of plastic waste, especially in the fashion and textile industry.

Design. Pinch or flat bottom bag, rectangular: size range available with a size range from 12 to 48 cm width, from 30 to 65 cm height. The flap is 8 cm high.

Sustainability. The 100% transparent paper pinch bag is the sustainable and natural alternative to plastic polybags, the invisible secondary packaging that generates huge volumes of plastic waste. If we consider that around 200 billion polybags are annually used to store, transport and protect clothing, footwear and accessories, and that less than 15% of those are recycled properly, the immediate benefit would be the elimination of 200,000 tonnes of plastic (considering the average weight of a polybag to be around 1 gr). The peel-and-stick glue guarantees an easy reclosing, enabling the reuse of the bag and the extension of the life cycle. Moreover the adhesive closure strip eliminates the use of additional adhesive tapes, simplifying recycling activities. R&D team has selected Cristal™ Transparent, by Ahlstrom paper mill, as the best kind of paper for this usage: FSC certified, it guarantees the responsible management of forests and the traceability of forestry products along the entire life cycle. Paper today is the material with the highest percentage of recycling in Europe (74%), the double compared to plastic one. The inks used are exclusively water-based as a safe and sustainable printing solution that reduces VOC emissions to zero, ensuring consistent communication of values and enhancing brand image.

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