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What is it. A new rectangular, recyclable and revolutionary pack, for personal and home care products. Available in 3 formats: 750, 1000 e 1500 ml with or without handling. This new solution reduces by 85% the quantity of plastic respect the packaging in the market.

Accessibility focus. The rectangular section allows for easy grip and use, both for right-handed and left-handed users. The shape and the large printing surface are an important means of communication. The correct use of graphics can make the product stand out on the shelf, describe the characteristics of the content and the indications for use. The cap and the rigidity of the cardboard facilitate the product dosing till the last drop. The rectangular and rigid shape optimizes both logistics and shelf space, as well at home.

Manufacturing material. Multilayer material: 80% FSC® paper e 20% plastic (85% less than plastic container in the market).

Technology. Formed and sealed with Galdi Machine. Average productivity between 4000 and 6000pcs/h; with the same machine is possible to get different formats: 750, 1000 e 1500 ml.

Product and potential markets. Home and personal care products like floor cleaners, laundry detergents, shampoo, soap and conditioner.

Design. Rectangular, ergonomic, useful resealing and innovative shape with a large printing area.

Sustainability. Totally recyclable, made by 80% FSC® paper, without any glue. It presents a very good logistic optimization, reduces the plastic use and avoids product waste. It’s space efficient, since it is designed to be flattened and crushed before being sent for recycling.

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