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What is it. YOKO, the 100% recycled PET bottle in a 500 ml format, which is label-free and customised using laser printing technology. It's Gentlebrand's latest innovation in terms of packaging and sustainability. Everything you need to know is right there: the information is placed on the bottle itself.

Accessibility focus. Each bottle has an easy-to-scan QR code, so that everyone can access information about the product. Furthermore, the bottle aims to assist visually impaired or blind customers as the QR code is represented in Braille.

Manufacturing material. 100% r-PET.

Technology. ISBM (injection stretch blow moulding) process and the use of insert technology, i.e. the possibility of customising designs and information on the body of the bottle by replacing just one part of the mould, without necessarily having to change the entire mould.

Product and potential markets. YOKO was created as a flavoured milk, a product category for which the market is expanding. This extremely versatile bottle is also available in a version for juices and can be produced in dozens of other versions.

Design. The packaging has a square shape with grooves on the corners that give it a sophisticated look and feel, as well as enhancing the user experience by making it easy to hold. The logo is embossed on the body of the bottle. Some information is applied to the surface using laser-printing technology, while other information is available after scanning the QR code. This solution avoids the use of labels.

Sustainability. Packaging made from 100% recycled material, but the real solution lies in the fact that it has no label, which is generally the most difficult part to recycle in PET containers YOKO is a simple and effective solution that is definitely appealing from a marketing point of view, given how easy it is to customise it to accommodate different SKUs thanks to the presence of the mould inserts.

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