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What is it. A new product made of longitudinally corrugated paper, which can be rolled up, with a stable wave, it constitutes a three-dimensional and structurally self-supporting layer.

Accessibility focus. Easy to produce, it can be produced inline in the paper machine (in a paper mill) or offline with a unit outside the paper machine (at a converter).

Manufacturing material. Paper (recycled grade, long or short fiber or their mixtures).

Technology. Obtained from new patented papermorphosis® technology

Product and potential markets. Wrapping paper for pallets (patent), longitudinal wave for new corrugated panels (patent), thermal insulation, shockproof for tertiary, secondary and primary packaging

Design. Up to now, the longitudinal wave was impossible without the papermorphosis® technology.

Sustainability. 100% recyclable paper, sustainable, easy disposal, respects the environment.

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