High barrier recyclable food packaging, 100% PE

Ticinoplast’s commitment to the development of sustainable packaging solutions - recyclable and mono-material - continues in partnership with different players in the supply chain: from resin producers to converters and packaging machine manufacturers.

In particular, Ticinoplast’s skills and experience focus on the realization of BOPE (bi-oriented polyethylene) mono-material film that can be used as a mono film or laminated to other polyethylene film(s) in order to be 100% recyclable.

As part of a recent project, the company collaborated with Plastchim T, Sun Chemical and BOBST to develop and produce high oxygen and water barrier films for the packaging of Grana cheese and coffee: duplex in the first case (BOPE 30µm + Blown PE 60µm) and triplex (BOPE 30µm + Blown PE 60µm) in the second.

While normally the coffee packaging solutions available on the market today feature multi-material structures (e.g. PET, metPET, PE, Alu, PE or BOPP, metBOPP and PE with barrier properties), Ticinoplast’s goal is to propose a PE-based mono-material film with high barrier properties, to fully meet the requirements of recyclability and sustainability. The first results obtained in terms of OTR and WTR and stability have been positive and encourage the company to continue in this direction.

Triplex packaging for coffee, fruit of the collaboration between Plastchim T, Sun Chemical, BOBST and Ticinoplast.