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(MONO-PP) MasterPeel&Reseal

What is it. It is a recyclable, “open & reclosable” packaging system intended for the foodindustry, which takes the advantage of a controlled delamination system of the two laminated layers. For the 60% of the overall weight of the packaging, the same turns-out to be obtained from sustainable and renewable sources since, the polymers used, appear to be ISCC PLUS certified, and obtained from “Bio-Circular” sources.

Accessibility focus. (MONO-PP) MasterPeel&Reseal solution has both improved usability and accessibility from the customer point-of-view, thanks to the presence of a large, intuitive and functional opening feature, speciafically designed on the surface of the packaging (peelable&resealable).

Manufacturing material. Recyclable mono-material structure based on polypropylene (PP).

Technology. MasterPeel&Reseal.

Product and potential markets. This product is intended to be used as an open & reclosable packaging solution for perishable products, with limited shelf-life and having from medium to high quantities mainly intended, but not limited, to the food sector. Therefore, confectionery and bakery products (such as cookies, biscuits, breadsticks, etc.), fresh-cut range, and cold-cuts can benefit from this packaging solution.

Design. (MONO-PP) MasterPeel&Reseal was developed following the eco-design approaches: thin, functional and lightweight packaging solution, no labels for opening and re-closing, as well as no rigid and heavy top-lids, while maintaining the overall performance of the packaging itself. In addition, due to the excellent strength-to-weight ratio, it is possible to drastically reduce the environmental impact in charge of transport and the amount of raw material used, while leaving its functionality unaltered.

Sustainability. The packaging uses raw materials having a lowered carbon footprint and ISCC PLUS Bio-Circular certified content, which is obtained from a sustainable, renewable and certified supply chain. Thanks to their use, it is possible to drastically reduce the CO2 emission during the raw material production process, through the use of polymers containing up to 70% of sustainable material (Mass Balance Chain). In addition, thanks to the “peel&reseal” feature, it is possible to extend the shelf-life of the product, therefore significantly reducing the generation of potential food waste.

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