Mixcycling® develops flower-scented bioplastic

The new blends created by Mixcycling®, a spin-off of the Vicenza-based closure company Labrenta founded in February 2020 by Gianni and Amerigo Tagliapietra, originate from the processing of chamomile and lavender fibres. The company uses patented techniques to refine organic fibre waste from industrial processes to create environmentally-friendly materials as an alternative to plastic.

Chamomile waste from herbal drink production and lavender residues from the distillation of the essential oil, both produced in Italy, are used as ingredients in the packaging, which combines a pleasingly natural look and feel with the characteristic fragrance released by the fibres. The material obtained from this circular production process provides a sensory experience that enhances the value of the packaging and encourages consumers to reuse it when empty.

The waste treatment process consists of five steps: selection of the plant fibres; grinding of the fibres in a mill and production of powders/grains with various particle sizes; sanitisation and activation of the fibres by means of the patented NTP (Non-Thermal Plasma) technology treatment, which sanitises the plant fibre from microbial agents and promotes bonding between the fibre and the carrier polymer; finally the fibres are blended with a conventional, recycled, bio-based or biodegradable thermoplastic polymer.