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WaveBag 3D

What is it. WaveBag 3D is a plastic-free e-commerce packaging solution that combines the advantages of traditional boxes with those of padded envelopes. It is the first paper-padded envelope with an expandable bottom that solves the problem of overpackaging by eliminating the need to add extra packaging material. With the distinctive ability to reduce transportation and storage costs by 50%, it offers the storage and protection of a box with the low cost and weight typical of a padded envelope. WaveBag 3D is a ready-to-use solution that improves logistics efficiency and reduces the overall environmental impact of shipping.

Accessibility focus. Easy open, ready to use, reusable, cost-effective. Its versatility makes it reusable, significantly reducing overpackaging, and its space-saving features improve transport and storage efficiency.

Manufacturing material. Recycled paper.

Technology. Wave Technology: paper wave padding.

Product and potential markets. E-commerce sector

Design & Sustainability. The design of WaveBag 3D follows all the principles of eco-design. The use of environmentally friendly materials, with 70-90% recycled paper and biodegradable glue, makes it completely plastic-free. Production targeted to the three most popular commercial sizes, together with holistic design, reduces production waste. The ability to reduce transportation and storage costs by 50%, thanks to the intelligent design that reduces thickness when the bag is empty, contributes significantly to efficient logistics management and reduced environmental impact. Finally, end-of-life management of the product promotes reuse through double adhesive and efficient recycling. Thanks to Aticelca 501 certification, it is disposable in the paper bin, with 90% of the material being reincorporated into the production chain.

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