Tiber Pack presents Nicetuck: automatic case-packing without glue

Nicetuck, a pending patent solution designed by Tiber Pack, introduces a new packaging concept and new operating standards into the field of secondary packaging, in the name of sustainability.

With a substantial number of active industrial patents, Tiber Pack never stops its careful analysis of the outside world, integrating its know-how with its decades-long experience in order to give rise to innovative, revolutionary and sustainable solutions in the automatization sector.

The packaging market is calling for easily recyclable packaging made with ever-more sustainable, efficient and less energy-consuming packaging processes. Starting from these considerations Tiber Pack has developed the Nicetuck project, which will introduce in the market automatic case-packing machines able to seal cardboard packages without using glues or adhesives.

Nicetuck promises significant economic and environmental benefits, eliminating the costs of glues, besides reducing the consumption of electricity used by the hot melt system, resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions. In addition, there’s an improvement in the recyclability of the corrugated cardboard. It should be pointed out that from June 2024 the first plant with Nicetuck will be operating at Amica Chips SpA, the leading Italian producer of chips and snacks, which has decided to adopt this new technology, using it to distribute one of its flagship products.

The solution offered by Tiber Pack represents, therefore, an authentic revolution in the world of automatic case packing, able to generate advantages for industries and mass retail, besides safeguarding the environment. These are benefits that customers and prospects will soon be able to see first-hand in an event dedicated to the new product. In the meantime at the Hispack trade fair (Barcellona, 7 - 10 May 2024), the company’s technical and sales staff will be glad to show visitors and customers a number of aspects of this revolutionary project.


Operating since 1968 with over 1,000 plants installed throughout the world and 25 industrial patents, Tiber Pack SpA works in the industrial automation sector applied to case packing, with a strong vocation for research and development, characterized by sustainability and service criteria.

What makes Tiber Pack’s offer stand out is the attention towards the customer’s product. Every plant is, in fact, custom-made, maximising efficiency in terms of numbers and times, with a real focus on the integrity of the product, on the practical aspects of its transport and its display, all with a view to optimizing consumptions and maximum energy savings.

The customer is followed in every aspect in the purchase of the product, from installation to the start-up of production: Tiber Pack offers attentive and qualified consultancy right from the early stages of setting up the project, continuing with an initial internal test and then a final one at the production site.

Always active after-sales. There is also no shortage of after-sales services that assist the customer in all their needs, in line with the company motto which reads “Always Run”, or “Il tuo impianto sempre efficiente” (Your equipments always efficient). With its Service & Customer Care, in fact, Tiber Pack offers numerous services that range from remote assistance to emergency interventions, from spare parts to programmed maintenance, from new formats to revamping.

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