Tube of the Year 2023

The winners of the prestigious annual competition were announced in Amsterdam. The high number of participants in the “prototypes” category confirms the creativity and innovative spirit of European flexible tube manufacturers, represented by ETMA – the European Tube Manufacturers Association

The award ceremony of the "Tube of the Year 2023" contest took place in the Dutch capital during ETMA’s annual conference and the third edition of the World Tube Congress organized by the Association. The most deserving solutions for creativity and innovation, combined with sustainability qualities, were awarded: moreover, the contest is recognised also beyond the borders of Europe as a yardstick for evaluating the performance of the flexible industry as a whole.

ETMA Secretary-General, Gregor Spengler, expressed satisfaction for the high number of participants and the outstanding quality of this year's edition, particularly “for the extremely lively participation in the prototype category, counting for almost a third of all projects, demonstrating the innovative spirit of our member companies".

The jury of seven representatives of ETMA member companies chose the winners of the 5 categories in the contest: aluminium, plastic, laminate, prototypes and sustainability.


This category was won by the POREfessional tube by Benefit Cosmetics, the Californian brand belonging to the LVMH luxury group, that has relaunched its well-known smoothing mask with the new aluminium packaging. The tubes were produced by Alltub France with more than 95% post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminium, and coated with a matt, transparent lacquer. A specially-developed pressing tool has reduced the intensity of the extrusion marks along the entire length of the tube, accentuating the brushed effect. The glossy/matte turquoise colour chosen for the print lends the package a touch of unique and inimitable design.



The Payot tube developed by the French manufacturer, Albéa, with its Thin Wall PCR MAX technology, suitable for containing the new Essential line dedicated to haircare, won this category. The packaging, with a high post-consumer recycled (PCR) material content, impresses with its matt colour and minimal design. For the closure, a matt PP Slight Cap, one of the lightest on the market, has been chosen.


The winner in this category was the BIOBAZA Body Lotion tube by Magdis Cosmetics, the largest cosmetics manufacturer in the Croatian market, assigning production to the Slovenian manufacturer, KimPai Tuba. The cap and tube shoulder reduce the use of plastic by 60%, confirming the company’s commitment to sustainability. KomPai Tuba’s MLL material is also recognised by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) as a recyclable material. All components of the packaging are made in polyethylene, making it a mono-material and recyclable product. Compostable inks, on the other hand, have been used for the digital printing.


First place in this category went to the aluminium tube of the Japanese company, Kao, designed by Linhardt (Germany) to contain the Goldwell TOPCHIC Permanent Hair Colour product. The packaging is made of 100% PCR aluminium obtained from scrap, electrical cable wires or lithographic plates, while the closure is made with 100% PCR plastic coming from European “yellow bags”. The supply chain is transparent and traceable.


Finally, in the prototype category, the jury chose a range of aluminium tubes by Alltub Italia dedicated to the high-end cosmetics market. The application of the in-line overpainting technique offers a variety of external finish possibilities, obtaining sophisticated soft-touch, pearlescent paint, iridescent or multi-glitter effects, thereby opening up various market opportunities.

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