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The finalists in the Best Packaging 2023 Contest, promoted by the Italian Packaging Institute and sponsored by the Fondazione Carta Etica del Packaging (Packaging Ethics Charter Foundation), will be on show during Milan Design Week. The Award ceremony is on 21 April.

Note: The article dedicated to the finalists of the Best Packaging 2023 contest has been edited by the editorial staff on texts in Italian and English provided by the companies.

Open from 18 to 23 April, at Archivolto Events in the heart of the Brera Design District, the “Best Packaging 2023 - L’etica del design” exhibition allows the packaging design world to recount everyday life through consumer habits. Protagonists at the event will be the 25 finalists of the Best packaging 2023 contest – of whom we give an outline in dedicated pieces - with 14 solutions for primary packaging developed for the food and cosmetics sector, and 11 products designed for display, transport and handling.

It’s worth noting that, for the first time in almost 70 years of its history, the contest was open also to PhD theses, a category in which the jury selected 3 candidates and projects from a selection of innovative startups competing for a special innovation prize. In concrete terms, the exhibition recounts packaging design through the common thread of ethics, divided into 10 values: the contemporary and far-sighted start-up projects and university theses complete the solutions of 25 finalists, which best express the values of accessibility, balance, transparency and sustainability. The exhibition is supported by a series of events, starting with the “The good packaging” masterclass given by Erik Ciravegna, University of Bologna (18 April), accompanied by the testimonials of Ambassadors of the Fondazione Carta Etica del Packaging: Poplast, Corapack, AMD Electronic, Coop Italia, Packstyle, Nestlé, Giflex and Associazione CIS.

A cultural focus on the world of printing and its history is planned for 20 April, with an artistic project linked to woodblock printing, organised by the printing Museum of Lodi. Presented by Diego Parassole, the ceremony for awarding the winners of the Best Packaging contest will take place on 21 April at 11.30, followed by the Fondazione Carta Etica del Packaging event “Salvate le piccole porzioni!” (Save small portions!).

Following, the 25 products in competition. 

ABB S.p.A.

Ekip Up+ Packaging


Packaging Machines Tending Humanoid Robot

Barilla G. e R. Fratelli S.p.A

Blue Box

Coop Italia soc coop.

Pizza Margherita Surgelata Senza Glutine 340g Bene.Sì Coop

Di Mauro Officine Grafiche SpA

In-Carta® Greated Cheese

Fameccanica.Data S.p.A.

Greenpackt®: rigid pack

Fiorini International Italia

FibreForm® shopping bag®

Fontaneto Srl - Novamont S.p.A

The first compostable pack for fresh pasta

Gerosa Group

Caffè Casa Rinaldi


Fres-co Aseptic System®

Happy Srl

APS tray - Air Passage System

ICO industria cartone ondulato Srl - Cover Display

Cover Display

ICO industria cartone ondulato Srl - Drawer Box 

Drawer Box

International Paper Italia Srl

E-Grocery Box

Latteria Montello S.p.A.

The new packaging for Nonno Nanni Stracchino

Levoni Spa in collaboration with ILIP Srl

SealMaster Barriera tray

Lucy Plast SpA, Finpesca SpA


Lumson S.p.A.

Xpaper Airless Paper Packaging

Magic Srl


Medac Srl 

Lid2fly® e Spoon2fly®

Raja Italia

Kraft Paper Strapping RAJA

Sealed Air

Sealed Air® Brand AirCap® ELLRT


La Spumante

Smilesys S.p.A.

Reclosable Paper Packaging

Vimar S.p.A.

Multiple packaging system with 5 pieces “Multipack”

Finalisti categoria: StartUP


AISENT accessible, safe, responsible

Vision system for the quality control of welded seams in flexible packaging. Designed specifically for the Goglio company.


ICONE Contemporary, balanced, forward-looking, educational, responsible, sustainable

Paper packaging for the cosmetics industry.


MOVOPACK affordable, forward-looking, sustainable

Reusable packaging for e-commerce


NEWPAL affordable, forward-looking, safe

Plastic pallets made from post-consumer materials and/or post-production recovery from TetraPak composite materials.


QAUNTIX DIGITAL informative, forward-looking, safe

Industrial inkjet printing machines for printing on small cylindrical packages.

Finalisti categoria: Tesi e Dottorato


"Life cycle assessment of multilayer flexible food packaging”

Matteo Cigada (Milan Polytechnic University)


“Antibacterial and antioxidant properties of innovative packaging materials for extending the shelf-life of packaged foods”

Elena Orlo (University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli)


“Pomopla2: bio-based composite with tomato bioproducts for circular packaging application”

Benedetta Rotondo (Milan Polytechnic University)

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