Max Marra, Behind the cover ItaliaImballaggio 4/2022

Max Marra, photo by
Massimo Maselli

Max Marra was born in 1950 at Paola (CS). ItaliaImballaggio is bound to Marra by a relationship of friendship and gratefulness for his ever generous offer of ideas. One of the most interesting Italian contemporary artists, he can propose a long and consolidated activity of experimentation.

He has held over forty oneman shows, taken part in international events, exhibited in private galleries, public institutions and important fairs. He is present with polymateric works and drawings in international collections and museum institutions.

The cry denied, Max Marra
Mixed media on recycled
cardboard and acetate sheets

A word from the author

In “The Cry Denied”, the use of acetate sheets on paper is the primary support of my pictorial action, which wants to tell in artistic synthesis the contemporary drama of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Dark and strong signs of silhouettes of airplanes that bomb everything and everyone, leaving devastation and death, in an ignoble and cruel rejection of Life, in contempt of the entire HUMANITY of peoples of PEACE. The strength and resistance of the Ukrainians is symbolized by the blue and yellow hands blocking the red hand of the invader.

The tragedy of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted me several times to look at a drawing displayed in my studio by Russian artist Andrei Roiter that configures the outline of a suitcase.

The theme of this contemporary artist through painting, sculpture and drawing is related to travel, displacement, wandering as a form of humanity’s destiny.

That “suitcase” is now the tragic dimension of a forced, distressing wandering. Dragging that hand luggage by any means is the tragic configuration of a forced historical exodus, caused by a wicked diabolical order that subdues everything and everyone in an uncertain future. A historical reminder of a contemporary drama (not only the one at hand) on everyone’s conscience.


Max Marra

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