Packmedia Selection 1/2021. Behind the cover: Giovanni Ronzoni

Architect, artist, poet

Ronzoni was born on December 5, 1952 in Lissone (MB). Between photography, poetry, sculpture and painting, he has created works in which the paper is content and container, subject and object, flat surface in search of the third dimension through folds, gashes and color interventions with unexpected formal/plastic results.

The most recent works of the series "Memories" derive from extreme synthesis of "language" and "zeroing by subtraction", which combines the concept of poignancy with that of lightness and simplicity.

He has received numerous awards and national and international first prizes, is present in group and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad: recently at the Venice Biennale on the island of San Servolo, the Biennale of Contemporary Art of the Murgia "Environment-Memory-Future". At the end of October he will be at the Florence Art + Design Biennale.