Tangible innovation between industrial metaverse and sustainability

At the Siemens Xcelerator event held in Milan on 29 March, projects, digitalisation and metaverse were not just talked about: the applications there were, also tangible and visible, just like the representatives of the businesses that created them.

Xcelerator is an open digital platform, connected and accessible to Siemens customers, conceived to accelerate digitalisation processes in businesses, offering software and hardware tools, system integrators and innovative projects to which customers can access in a digital environment that takes them into an innovation ecosystem.

The objective is to project the industrial system, in which Siemens has been operating for more than 150 years, towards the acquisition of innovation paths that put technology and sustainability in the centre. It’s a concept expressed not only in its environmental sense, but also in terms of people's well-being and the contexts in which they move. It’s no coincidence that the three projects presented as examples of innovation and projected in the industrial metaverse are the smart building with Synapses, the collaborative robotics integrated by AI with EPF and the digital twin with the underwater farming of Nemo’s Garden. Innovation in Siemens is not described, it is touched, seen and experienced, as was the case during the XceleratorMedia event.

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