+23% in 2022 turnover for the Italian industrial automation sector

After the significant downturn in 2020 (-10,3 % at current values) and the impressive +22.2% in 2021, in 2022 there was a growth of 23% compared to 2021 which, moreover, had already returned the market to pre-Covid levels, at very nearly 7 billion euros.

2023 began in a similarly satisfying way, with the industrial software sector confirming the positive trend with an average above 20% year-on-year. All this is despite the problems due to supply difficulties, the increase in the cost of commodities, and the shortage of labour. In ANIE’s analysis, all the segments have recorded growth greater than 15%: brushless motors (+30%), drivers and Industrial networking (+26%), wireless factory (+21%) and PLC-I/O and HMI (+20%) have all done very well.

Again in 2022, OEMs remain the top consumers of automation in Italy (60% of the total, down -1%) ahead of Distribution, which lost 5 percentage points, falling to 16%. With regards to the main industrial sectors, it’s worth pointing out that the mechanical sector remains the most important consumer of automation (17%, against 16% in 2021), packaging loses a percentage point and is now at 9%, while food is stable at 9%; logistics remains at 6%. All industrial sectors in 2022 saw a growth in turnover, with percentages from 12 to over 40%, with the unique exception of means of transport (+2.7%, down 0.1%); Food, beverages and tobacco grew by 17.7%. The Packaging sector recorded +3.6% in 2022, for a total record turnover of 8 billion and 537 million euros. The complete data are available in “Osservatorio dell’industria Italiana dell’automazione 2023” at https://anieautomazione.anie.it/pubblicazioni/.


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