Italy is the world’s top exporter of Food & Beverage Technologies

During the recent Cibus Tec Forum, the Nomisma Machinery Observatory presented market data and forecasts and provided a comprehensive overview of food & beverage and packaging machinery exports


According to the recent Nomisma Machinery Observatory report presented during the Cibus Tec Forum on 25-26 October, Italy exported Food & Beverage technologies worth €1,722 million in the first half of 2022 (up 7.8% on the same period in 2021), maintaining its position at the top of the world export rankings followed by Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

During the reporting period, the biggest importers of Italian technology were the USA with €174 million (+4.2%), France (€136 million; +8%) and Germany (€121 million; +24.8%). The most commonly exported types of machinery were hot drink preparation and food cooking/reheating equipment (€595 million), bakery/pastry and pasta-making machines (€338 million) and, more generally, machines for industrial food and beverage preparation and production (€224 million).

Italy ranks second in international packaging machinery exports with a value of €2,500 million (down 5.4% compared to the previous year), behind Germany with €2,689 million and ahead of China, the Netherlands and the United States. The US remains the top importer with a value of €373 million (-6.21%), followed by France with €217 million (+20.8%) and Germany with €172 million.